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Throughout the years, I have inspected thousands of foundations. I have witnessed foundation problems from minor cracks to total collapse. Most all foundation failure and symptoms of water penetration are caused by excessive lateral and hydrostatic pressure. Understanding these symptoms is necessary to evaluate a solution to water penetration problems. Often homeowners will call a Waterproofing Contractor to assess their water problem. This can lead to even more questions and leave the homeowner confused on what to do and who to choose to correct water penetration problems. While price is always a consideration, proper system design should be the most important element for homeowners to consider.

This is why I decided to put together this site; so any lay-person can understand what to do and how to fix their water penetration problem.

My website has a wealth of information. For the novice I have step by step videos explaining system design. For the more discerning consumer, engineering data and product information is available for their consideration. Please take advantage of my experience and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

To download a free PDF explaining the Fundamentals of Water Management, click here.

See our informational videos below:

Testimony of Basement Dig-out

Basement Dig-out

Lowering Basements

Water Management Waterproofing System

System details the process of solving water penetration issues from the inside of the home. This system should not be confused with exterior waterproofing. Water Management releases pressure that builds up from lateral and hydrostatic pressure and relies on pumps to manage water penetration. A quality back-up pump is recommended, preferably a water powered back up pump if possible.

Iron Ochre Premium Self-Flushing Water Management System

Proprietary Water Management / Pressure Relief Self Flushing Waterproofing System. This system is designed for homes that have microbial colonization (such as Marl) in soil below the slab floor. Marl soil and other similar type soils discharge waste and will clog a conventional waterproofing system in as little as one year.This self flushing system is a proprietary design and has proved to be most effective against marl soils. The premium system requires proper maintenance at least once a year

Exterior Waterproofing

This informative video details the process of Exterior Waterproofing in an easy to understand, step by step order of operation.